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Matt Chandler on Planting, Preaching & Leadership

Last week at boot camp, Dustin Neeley (Acts 29 Pastor of Crossing Church, a plant out of Sojourn Community Church) interviewed Matt Chandler in Louisville - and Dustin just posted the first of 2 videos on his Church Planting For the Rest Of Us site. We are excited to introduce you to Dustin, his church and his website on Thursday, but for now want to share this first part of his interview with Matt with you all.


Matt answers:

  • What is it that makes church planters successful in the long run?
  • How did you put your preaching together in the early days and how has that changed for your preaching now?
  • What are some reproducible tips on developing church leadership that you can share?
  • What is the one thing you'd want a young church planter to know?