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Louisville Boot Camp - Prayer & Live Blogging


Boot Camp in Louisville starts Tuesday, but today boot camp attendees & speakers are descending on Kentucky. We would greatly appreciate your prayers.


Our speakers – It’s on honor to have men like Dave Harvey, Ed Stetzer, and Drs. Russell Moore and Gregg Allison speak at this boot camp as well as our Acts 29 leaders: Steve Timmis, Darrin Patrick, Kevin Cawley, Bob Thune and Matt Chandler. We also have several testimonies by A29 church planters, worship pastors, executive pastors, and other Acts 29 church planters speaking during the 24 workshops that are offered.


The gals – The Wives’ Track will be lead by Mandy Montgomery and Jani Ortlund. Many of the women attending are in the thick of church-planting with their husbands and struggle in getting the right kind of support & friendship they need. Pray for the women who are speaking and those a part of these sessions.


The Sojourn Community Church staff and the Acts 29 staff who are working very hard facilitating this event. Daniel Montgomery and his team have done a great job getting this sold out boot camp ready. We will be blessed to join them next week.


The Assessments – We will have 32 church planters being assessed on Thursday with 19 states represented and 1 Canadian. Pray for the assessors to be granted wisdom and discernment and for those being assessed to be encouraged and directed by the results.


The Attendees – This boot camp was sold out a couple weeks ago which is a good and bad thing that we’ve had to turn some people away. For the over 400 that will be there, pray for hearts sensitive to God’s direction, clarity, encouragement, and safe travels.


Also pray that we all would see a little more of God’s glory during Boot Camp.

Live Blogging:

Also, Bobby Gilles, Sojourn Community Church's Communications Director, will be live-blogging to boot camp main sessions. Sign up for session notifications below, or just tune to our Tuesday and Wednesday posts to follow along! 


Tuesday, Nov. 11:

Session 1: Dave Harvey - The Gospel & Ambition / 9:30am EDT


Session 2: Ed Stetzer - Church Planting & Ambition / 10:30am EDT


Session 3: Steve Timmis - The Church & Ambition / 2:30pm EDT


Session 4: Darrin Patrick - Leadership & Ambition / 4:15pm EDT

Wednesday, Nov. 12:

Session 5: Kevin Cawley - Decoding Your City & Ambition / 10:30am EDT

Session 6: Bob Thune - Discipleship & Ambition / 11:30am EDT


Session 7: Russell Moore - Speaking Past Demons: Christian Preaching as Expository Exorcism / 3:30pm EDT


Session 8: Matt Chandler - Ministry for the Long Haul & Ambition / 5pm EDT



Jonathan Carl

on Nov 12, 2009 :: 6:47 am

Thank you for what you are doing in the KY area! Perhaps it was unintentional, but it would've been great if your Day 1 of this boot camp wasn't on the same day of the Kentucky Baptist need to have this kind of scheduling conflict especially when so many KY SBC churches/pastors desire to benefit from both events. Thanks for sharing this online content from the conference!