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Life on Mission

Scott Thomas and Jeff Vanderstelt talk about living lives on mission.

Soma Communities in Tacoma, Washington, is a church that calls every person to embrace the command of Jesus to make disciples. Here Jeff Vanderstelt, church planter of Soma and Vice President of Acts 29, discusses how this is done in their church. In this video:

1. Every member a disciple-maker.

2. Missional Communities as missionary teams.

3. Missional Community covenants – shared distinctives, customized mission field.

4. When every member is a missionary, spiritual maturity progresses by necessity.

5. Advice for existing churches without missional DNA that want to change.

Scott Thomas: “As men plant churches, how important is this issue of calling their people to become missionaries?”

Jeff Vanderstelt: “I think it’s absolutely imperative. If the church planter doesn’t call his people to be missionaries themselves, then he becomes the missionary and it’s not any different than a church sending someone to another part of the world and they just pray for him and send him money... Sunday will become a report of your pastor being the missionary for the church, and everyone will applaud it and be happy that he’s doing it for them. . . . But the rest of the church won’t grow up – that’s the problem - because only one person really needs the power of the Spirit, needs to know the gospel, and needs to grow up into maturity.”