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Leadership Development: Scott Thomas interviews Bruce Wesley

At Houston Boot Camp this last week, we got to hear from Bruce Wesley, our host, and Lead Pastor of Clear Creek Community Church. Scott Thomas pulled him aside after his session on leadership to get some more on the nuts & bolts of leadership/staffing at his church. Here's an excerpt from that interview with more to follow.

And Bruce's audio is up and not to be missed. He spoke on The Enduring Legacy, sharing his 15+ years of wisdom in raising up and training leaders in the church - he spoke with conviction, humility and clear expertise and those who are working on their own leadership development system in their churches or needing to improve that system will find his talk incredibly helpful. Among other things, hear about CCCC's core value of sanity, "the principle of the two stickies," operating in rhythms of grace, and being extremely careful about who gets your time as a leader.