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Jesus Jr.

Jesus Jr.

By Ray Ortlund Jr.

Our local deity is not Jesus. He goes by the name Jesus. But in reality, our local deity is Jesus Jr.

Our little Jesus is popular because he is useful. He makes us feel better while conveniently fitting into the margins of our busy lives. But he is not terrifying or compelling or thrilling. When we hear the gospel of Jesus Jr., our casual response is “Yeah, that’s what I believe.” Jesus Jr. does not confront us, surprise us, stun us. He looks down on us with a benign, all-approving grin. He tells us how wonderful we really are, how entitled we really are, how wounded we really are, and it feels good.

Jesus Jr. appeals to the flesh. He does not accept the things of the Spirit of God, for they are folly to him. He is not able to understand them, much less impart them, because Jesus Jr. is the magnification of Self, the idealization of Self, the absolutization of Self turning around and validating Self, flattering Self, reinforcing Self. Jesus Jr. does not change us, because he is a projection of us.

It is time to tear down Jesus Jr. It is time to rediscover the real Jesus. Still today, even to us, his invitation stands: “Come to me” (Matthew 11:28).



Ray Ortlund Jr - Ray and Jannie in Raleigh

Ray (shown above with his wife, Jani) pastors Immanuel Church, an Acts 29 church in Nashville, TN.



Matt Galbraith

on Jul 19, 2009 :: 2:19 pm

I have been teaching this to everyone who will listen, but I have dubbed it "Precious Moments Christianity." I live in the "belt buckle" of the Bible belt, Kentucky. You in Tennessee may debate me on this, but I cannot count the number of "churches" (really dislike this word as it is understood today) in Wilmore and Nicholasville alone; two very small towns. I so want to know about Acts 29 and planting a fellowship of believers.