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Jeff Vanderstelt on Becoming Part of Acts 29

Blog: Seattle Boot Camp

Next month, Acts 29 Vice President Jeff Vanderstelt will teach at the Seattle Boot Camp. Here he shares his story of becoming a part of Acts 29:

Around 2003, I came out to the Seattle area to plant churches with Bill Clem, who was planting Doxa church. We were going to plant 20 churches between Seattle and Tacoma. I helped Bill in the early stages of Doxa as a “Leaving Elder” - with the idea that I would plant out of Doxa. A supporting church required that I go through the Acts 29 process to qualify for support, so that was my original reason for connecting with Acts 29.

What attracted me from the beginning was the serious commitment to both theology and missiology, and, most of all, the relationships. Rick McKinley was part of the network at that time, and he really pursued me. Mark called me almost every week and came down to Tacoma almost once a month to meet and pray. It was a real, relational connection that drew me in. I’m committed primarily because of the relationships – I don’t see Acts 29 as an organization, but as a brotherhood. Also, I believe that God is moving and has been unbelievably gracious in extending favor to us – and I want to be a part of what he is doing through Acts 29. And, Acts 29 is who I am, not just something I belong to. I’m a part of shaping it and making it what it is.

National Boot Camp is going to be a great time together – listening to great teaching and meeting church planters. We hope to see you there!