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Jeff Vanderstelt, "Concert Clay," and the Power of the Gospel for Sanctification

"As a church, if you don't believe in the present reality of the gospel, in terms of the Spirit's presence to save, even now, then you will feel like every time you're up to preach you have got to do the work to get them there. Your worship leaders will say 'they'll never worship God unless we do better songs.' Or your leaders will say, 'they'll never get on mission unless we kick their butt every week and put together a plan and tell them what to do every moment.' All it is is unbelief in the gospel power of Jesus to do its work today."

Jeff Vanderstelt spoke on the Gospel at last fall's Phoenix Boot Camp – and in particular the gospel's power over the past, present and future realities of a Christian. Here he talks about Clay, a man who recently met Jesus and is in his missional community.

 (download this audio here | get full notes here)

Jeff will be speaking with Terry Virgo and Elliot Grudem at the Reformed | Charismatic | Missional Conference in Tacoma Washington, on March 4-5, 2011.