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Is Your Wife Loved Well by Your Church?

Acts 29's Lead Visionary and Co-Founder, Mark Driscoll, just published "Loving the Pastor's Wife" on The Resurgence today, helping church members and leaders gain perspective on the unique challenges and pressures of a pastor's wife.

How well are you protecting your wife and instructing your congregation in loving and caring for her, especially on Sundays when you are entirely engaged in preaching and pastoral duties?

Driscoll writes:

Many pastors have children. On Sundays, the pastor’s wife is basically a single mother. She gets up early to cook a nice breakfast, chat with her husband, and pray for him before sending him off to preach. She then has to get the kids up and ready, get herself ready, and get the family out the door early enough to not be late to church, because everyone will talk if she’s late. She often does not have a designated parking spot as she should, and upon entering the church she is continually interrupted by people wanting to chat—often including rude people, demanding people, and critics of her husband. She tries to keep an eye on her kids during all of this while carrying a diaper bag and other belongings, and eventually she makes her way into the church service, where it is likely she does not have a seat saved for her. Surely the church can do better than this.

As a husband (before a pastor), how are you doing at making sure your wife is well-cared for on Sundays?

Q&A with Mark and Grace Driscoll

At the recent Seattle Boot Camp, at the end of Driscoll's session "Ministry, Marriage & Mistakes", he and his wife Grace both talked about mistakes they made in ministry during the early years and answered some questions about ministry and marriage. You can watch below (Q&A with Grace starts at 57:30).


  • What were the early days of the church like, and what were some failures and mistakes?
  • How were you serving in the church and what was it like for Mark to ask you to take some things off of your plate? 
  • What was working like and how did it affect you? 
  • How did God provide in the times when finances didn’t make any sense on paper? 
  • What would Mark have done if the money didn’t come in? 
  • How do you balance being a mom and a wife, serving in ministry, and having a career?

"Marriage, Ministry and Mistakes" is also available on audio and with summary notes and outline here.


Alberto Machado

on Mar 21, 2011 :: 2:14 pm

In fact it is a challenge to have your family time shared whith the responsabilities the church requires and demands, at one end is the family lacking the fatherĀ“s presence due to an umprecedent amount of church duties and at the other the mother, the helping supporting wife is also suffering for the lack of attention not just from the husband and companion, but mostly from those at church. Healthy ministries urge for quality family time for both pastor and wife and as well for their children, according to the bible teachings, only if we command well our home will we succed in pleasing the Lord. Alberto Machado.