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If It Ain't Broke... Don't Follow It

If it Ain't Broke, Don't Follow it.

Picto:Blog April 9, 2009

by Pastor Scott Thomas


broken1 - shattered glass at the ferry...

Photo by Adriel Ifland, Acts 29 Administrative Assistant


Missional leaders influence others to follow them through their brokenness. How does brokenness help a leader to lead? How is the gospel displayed through brokenness? 


One aspect of leadership through brokenness is being a leader who regularly repents and does not hide. Darrin Patrick warns would-be planters of falling prey to power & control, the "two great sins of leadership" and preaches on Paul's ministry and how it was marked by confession, dependence and weakness more than it was marked by strength, vision and opportunism (listen here). "Godly character is grown in dependency crises," states Patrick. "You are forced to deal with God and with yourself. Great leaders don't just visit these places of dependence; they try to live there."


broken2 - old blue truck on Leary way

Photo by Adriel Ifland, Acts 29 Administrative Assistant


He also discusses a holy reluctance in true leaders as they are accurately aware of how much it will hurt and how incompetent they are to the task of leading. Listen to him teach of Paul's pain and brokenness as he vents to Timothy (2 Timothy 4:9-16). Darrin will be speaking at the boot camp in San Diego May 5-6.


Matt Chandler also teaches on and shares his own brokenness in leadership in Gravity: The Weight of Pastoring from 2006's Reform & Resurge conference. He will be teaching at the upcoming boot camp in San Diego May 5-6.


David Fairchild, planter of Kaleo Church in San Diego, will be speaking on Influence through Brokenness next month at the Acts 29 Boot Camp hosted by his church in San Diego.

  • What are the character qualities of Nehemiah?
  • What aspects of personal renewal (repentance and faith) are required for a church planter?
  • How did Nehemiah display courage and humility?
  • How is the gospel displayed thorough our brokenness? 



Upcoming Boot Camp: San Diego, CA

Host: Kaleo Church

New Life Presbyterian Church 
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La Mesa, CA  91942


 Missional Influence: Multiplying Leaders on Mission for the Gospel

Cost: $149 each | $99/couple for assessment (Must have Phase 1 completed in the application process with Acts 29)


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