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I am Proud of My Humility!

I am Proud of My Humility!

By Pastor Scott Thomas

I am wearied by the inordinate attention given by some Christian leaders to the details of another organization’s  way of doing things. It borders on stalking and voyeurism the way they publicly blog and mention their disagreements in sermons and social networking venues. I am concerned. One does not have to agree with another person to be joined in the pursuit of proclaiming the gospel, albeit with different methods. We do not have to agree with everything done by one of God's shepherds to glorify the person of Jesus. In fact, the gospel is proclaimed more pronouncedly when it is used in multiple means to produce a disciple.


The problem when we deride the non-essential practices or methods of others is that we usually elevate ourselves over them. We often unwittingly display a lewd attitude and a coarse spirit. It is like saying that we are proud of our humility. It is contradictory communication between our attitudes and our words.

I talked with one former contrarian to the methods of Mark Driscoll last week. He said, "If the attitude in my blogs was anything like this other person's, I am embarrassed." This public figure and active blogger had a change of heart about Mark after he agreed to sit down and talk through the differences. As John Madden might say, "Bam! Now, there's the gospel right there."

I am personally working full-time on my own shortcomings, am devoted to the spiritual care of my family and those under my responsibility. I certainly don't have time to stay up all night like a voyeur in another’s windows to find their faults. If you are offended by my actions and attitudes, you will be offended greater by my thoughts and the defilement in my heart. I am grateful for the gospel. It is unmerited grace.

Mark Driscoll's recently wrote this olive branch-like tribute to the ministry of John MacArthur. This serves as an example to all of us how to respond to critics. Mark's sermon on March 29, 2009 at Mars Hill Church is another great example of humility.

If you are struggling with pride (and who isn't?), I commend my friend C.J. Mahaney's book, Humility: True Greatness. In our attempt to convey truth, we must simultaneously convey the Spirit of Jesus and the work of the gospel in our own life.


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