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How to Share your Faith

How to Share Your Faith – Jeff Vanderstelt

Jeff previously shared about living in community and on mission. Here Scott asks Jeff “how do you train your people to share the gospel?”

1. Confidence in the gospel is primary. If your people haven’t understood the gospel and its power personally, specifically and currently, they cannot have confidence to share it. Look for places where the gospel has not come to bear in your peoples’ lives.

a. Past Tense Gospel: Justification. Do your people struggle with guilt and shame? Do they truly understand their justification?

b. Present Tense Gospel: Sanctification. Do your people struggle with living victoriously on a daily basis? Do they understand the power of the gospel for today?

c. Future Tense Gospel: Glorification. Are your people living in many fears and afraid of the future or ‘unknown’? Do they understand God’s promise and security of a glorious end?

2. Develop your people in a biblical theology – to know the story of the Bible and how it all points to Jesus.

a. If your people can learn to tell the story of the Bible orally, they’ll be able to share it with others.

b. Teach your people how to identify Jesus as the main point of each of the smaller stories in the Bible, they will learn how to contextualize the gospel in their current situations and stories.

c. Teach your people the basic gospel story-line: creation, fall, redemption, restoration. Help them to understand their own smaller story in this vein – to identify their own false gospels and see how the true gospel of Jesus is the real answer.

3. Teach others to declare the gospel through the sacrament of Communion.

a. Every Sunday, your members should be reminding each other of the gospel at Communion.

b. Practice with one another as believers, and grow in competence to share the gospel with those who don’t understand or believe in Jesus at all.

Jeff Vanderstelt: “Your people have to have confidence in the gospel. Otherwise, they won’t share it. If they don’t believe it’s the power of God to save because they haven’t experienced it changing them, they’re not going to talk about that.”