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How Do You Define Small Group Success? Matt Carter on Mega-churches and Mission

Justin Anderson, Acts 29 leader of the Phoenix region, interviewed Matt Carter last fall on missional communities, the attractional model of church, and what it looks like to reach your city as a church on mission.

Matt is not against large churches – he pastors one – but he does talk about how the attractional model of church alone will not be sufficient to reach the nation with the gospel. For large churches, a crucial element is the small group. But not just any small group will do:

"No longer do we define success [as] a group is just meeting together (let's say 12 people actually make the step from meeting in the large group gathering and are now meeting in the home for a bible study)... The definition of success for that group is 'have they made the transition beyond just meeting to engaging in a pocket of lostness or need in the city of Austin for the gospel?'"

Justin Anderson & Matt Carter talk Large Churches and Mission. from Redemption Church on Vimeo.

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