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Help on Answering Questions About Complementarianism

Rick White is an Acts 29 member and lead pastor of CityView Church in Fort Worth, Texas. He recently wrote a very practical article on communicating the complementarian view of male headship to those who are skeptical or confused.

 “I believe many complementarians do a terrible job of offering a defense for their views,” says Rick in preface to his recent blogpost Addressing Questions Regarding Gender Roles. He continues by stating that he sees three main “fronts” that need to be considered in persuasively and intelligently discussing complementarianism. Here they are with the questions that Rick poses:

  1. The Biblical Front. “What does the Bible say on this matter? What are the most basic and elemental texts that speak to gender roles?”

  2. The Theological/Philosophical Front. “What are the doctrinal implications of not holding to a complementarian positions? What key doctrines will need to be adjusted to make way for an egalitarian view?”

  3. The Personal Front. “How do you live out the tension of co-equal, yet different roles? How does your behavior and attitude speak to a successfully sanctified out-working of scriptural gender roles? How does your life fight against the notion that male headship necessitates a low view of women?”


Rick’s full article contains many helpful, thoughtful & practical examples. Get it in PDF form here.


Rick will be speaking on Idols of Church Planting at the Houston Boot Camp next month – for more info or to register, click here.