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Happy 34th Birthday, Tyler

Happy Birthday Tyler & Happy 5th Anniversary with Acts 29 Network

Tyler Powell is the Acts 29 Church Planting Strategist

by Derrin Thomas

In honor of Tyler Powell turning 34 today, I felt compelled to come up with this list of 34 reasons we love him:

  1. He loves the Church
  2. He loves his family
  3. He treats his friends like his family
  4. He is one of the most patient men I know
  5. He brings his A game every day
  6. He is the loudest singer in every church service
  7. He’s still not allowed to pick out his own clothes
  8. He orders his steak well-done and his fries extra crispy
  9. He takes about 90 minutes to eat a steak and fries
  10. He leads by example
  11. He can’t speak in public without 90% of his blood going to his face and neck
  12. He always goes first round in pick-up football
  13. He’s addicted to candy, but doesn't like chocolate
  14. He used to watch back to back movies by himself at the dollar theater late at night
  15. He would wear Nike Shox every day if it was up to him
  16. He still can’t spell “Wufoo” correctly
  17. He will catch every spelling error in assessment reports
  18. He takes time to answer every single question from church planters
  19. He always admits when he’s wrong
  20. He never rubs it in when he’s right
  21. He has black-man hair and has to keep it trimmed to 1/8" or else he gets an afro, and has never gone more than 36 hours without shaving even though he could have a killer beard
  22. He fights for fairness and follows the rules
  23. He sometimes breaks the rules if you bribe him with jelly beans
  24. He doesn’t hold a grudge
  25. He listens to Christian rap exclusively
  26. He has been known to ask for exactly three ice cubes in his water
  27. He always works on his computer during flights and sends out 331 emails at once when he gets wi-fi
  28. He sends the most confusing emails to staff
  29. He is the most intense dodge-ball player I’ve ever seen and can dislocate someone’s shoulder from across the gym with an inflatable rubber ball
  30. He is relentlessly thorough
  31. He uses “rats” as his go-to swear word
  32. He works on a farm for vacation
  33. He is incredibly reliable and faithful
  34. He’s kept me in line for the last 9 years