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God is Sovereign... So Why Are we Praying for Our Cities and Churches Again?


Terry Virgo founded New Frontiers, an international, 700-church, charismatic, reformed, and missional network based out of England. Terry and New Frontiers have been a blessing to Acts 29 and its leaders over the past few years, and we're thrilled to share a vision of planting churches to see as many people meet Jesus as we can.


Here, from his 2010 session at our London Dwell Conference,  Terry talks to church planters about why they should pray for their cities, and for their church's needs for things such as meeting space.


Terry remembers when he first read A.W. Pink's, The Sovereignty of God, how he was amazed for the first time as a newer believer by God's sovereignty. However, this newfound discovery, "took away the edge of my praying," he says. "For a season, I thought 'well, God's got it all buttoned up.'" 

He notes that Christians, nevertheless, are to pray – and that the New Testament shows that this as vital element of seeing God's promises become reality in the world through those who seek him.

We're excited that Terry has crossed the pond and headed out west to join us and speak with Jeff Vanderstelt and Elliot Grudem in a few weeks in Tacoma, Washington at the Reformed Charismatic Missional Conference, March 4-5.

If you're interested in joining us, please register here.