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Frustration and Love for the Fundamentalist

 "[The next day] I got about seven emails, basically telling me how unbelievably disappointed they were in The Village Church, that a man would be smoking his cigarette on the porch as they came in on the Lord's Day... you see what we're doing down there?"


Matt Chandler preaches the gospel in the center of the evangelical world, and faces self-righteous fundamentalist "older brothers" as a majority demographic. What does it take to preach the gospel to these people? How do we call people towards the gospel rather than moralism?

Here he illustrates the problem with a story of an ex-con visiting on Easter and smoking cigarettes on the steps of The Village Church

 (4 minutes, download clip or full sermon here; notes are here)

(Chandler loads the gun for your outrage with fundamentalism, but listen to the whole thing before you pull the trigger)

Matt will be hosting and teaching about "The Church Planter's Message" at the upcoming Dallas Boot Camp, on March 10-11, 2011. For those who register before 2/26 there is a chance to win an autographed copy of Doctrine or Vintage Church (Mark Driscoll), or Church Planter (Darrin Patrick).