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Free Resource – Theological Clarity and Application: Equipping Leaders in Biblical Doctrine

Theological Clarity

Free Resource – Theological Clarity and Application: Equipping Leaders in Biblical Doctrine



The question I get asked most often by church planters and pastors of young churches is, “How can I train people in preparation for leadership in the church?” We often point them to Wayne Grudem’s Systematic Theology—referred affectionately among our tribe as simply, “Grudem’s.” Most people are not sure what to do with the nearly 1,300-page book with 57 chapters. The lay leaders with regular jobs are nearly traumatized when the 4-pound book arrives in their mail!


When Elliot Grudem gave me a copy of Christian Beliefs (Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2005), I immediately identified a valuable resource to help pastors walk their leaders and potential leaders through the excellent larger treatise. This interactive curriculum is an attempt to break down the doctrinal development of a person for Christian leadership into more granular, bite-sized chunks with a fair reflection of Grudem’s full resource. This is still a huge undertaking in systematic theology.


With this resource, church leaders, pastors, small group leaders, bible study facilitators and student ministers can hopefully equip people in Biblical doctrine in an interactive manner. The twenty lessons correspond chapter by chapter to twenty basics beliefs every Christian should know summarized in Grudem’s Christian Beliefs. I also included references to Grudem’s Systematic Theology (Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 1994) and other notable works on the specific subject at hand.


The workbook versions (color and B&W) are 91 pages and have space to write out the answers. The questions only versions are 63 pages and do not have space to write out answers. The B&W version (with a color cover) was produced for your convenience in case you wanted to print more economically. Click on the links below and give me any feed back on the resource. I plan to produce ten smaller e-books over the next year.


Click to download the desired Theological Clarity ebook. 

B&W Questions Only (63 pages)

B&W Workbook (color cover) 91 pages

Color Questions Only

Color Workbook


Tom Welch

on Feb 23, 2010 :: 3:15 pm

Good stuff! It would be completely awesome if a Kindle version were available. A Mobi ebook would work as well.

Phil Owen

on Mar 3, 2010 :: 10:24 am

Thank you SO much for this resource! I'm reading Grudem's, but I've been wanting something like this to have a foundation to work my way through it, thank you for making this available for free!

Jonathan Ogle

on Mar 12, 2010 :: 9:02 pm

do you have an answer guide?

[Scott: The workbook and Socratic questions were designed to be discussed and not just answered]

Jon McLeod

on Apr 28, 2010 :: 7:41 am

Thanks! This looks good. One minor question: Why are the fonts of all the chapter titles different?

[ST: I asked the graphic designer the same thing and he said that they correspond to the varying fonts on the cover]


on May 25, 2010 :: 1:50 pm

When using the workbook, should we study using "Systematic Theology" or "Christian Beliefs?" Would the study be effective using the condensed "Christian Beliefs?"

Scott Thomas

on May 26, 2010 :: 2:38 pm

The manual is based on Christian Beliefs chapter by chapter with references to Systematic Theology.


Dave Crooks

on May 4, 2011 :: 7:31 am

Using this workbook in conjunction with the video series Grudem put out on Christian Beliefs to teach a class of about 12-15 new believers. Thanks for putting the time in to make this workbook and offer it freely. This should work out very well. -DC