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First Western European Church Planters

First Western European Church Planters!


We are excited to announce that we assessed and approved our first church planters in our newly formed Acts 29 Western European Network. Stuart and Rachel Dean are starting a church in Haywards Heath England in West Sussex (39 miles south of London).


On a few occassions in the past, our church planter assessors have emerged from their assessments by stating, "We have just been to church!" I didn't know what they really meant. I do now. When we assessed Stuart and Rachel, we experienced a Holy Spirit enriched, God-glorifying assessment. Stuart and Rachel blew us away with their love for Jesus and commitment to His call in their life in spite of their personal struggles with Rachel's health.


Steve Timmis, Stuart and Rachel Dean - Dean Family

New Western Europe Director Steve Timmis with Stuart and Rachel Dean


For more information about our Western Europe Network, contact Steve Timmis.


To contact Stuart, email him



Andrew Locke

on Jun 11, 2009 :: 1:54 pm

praise God! grace and peace to Stuart and Rachel. go in the power of the Spirit.


Stuart Dean

on Jun 11, 2009 :: 2:31 pm

Actually, we're planting in Haywards Heath, but we live in Lindfield at the moment. Really excellent London conference A29 -thanks! Stuart