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Finding Your Edge: Entrepreneurial Aptitude Begins With An Attitude

Blog: Finding Your Edge

Matt Adair replanted and pastors Christ Community Church in Athens, Georgia. To hear more from Matt, check out his audio teachings here.

‘He looks silly!’

Now if you had seen the picture of David wearing Saul’s armor that I was looking at with my five-year old son, you would agree with his assessment. And what makes this scene even more silly than the visual of an oversized helmet and XXL body armor on a M sized body is that David was already an accomplished warrior (think bears and lions). He already had the weapons needed to fight but was put in a situation where he was told he would have to wear another man’s gear in order to succeed.

Some of us in church planting world look pretty silly. We are self-starters by nature but in the name of success and fitting into the culture of a tribe like Acts 29, we have grabbed other men’s gear and try to wear it like it’s our own. We want to tell stories with the wit of Kevin Cawley or influence the restoration of cities like Keith Watson or write with the precision of Jonathan Dodson and Reid Monaghan or act like we’re the grizzled veteran of numerous cage fights when the truth is we haven’t been in a fight since the 7th grade. And we lost that one - to a girl!

I want to give you permission to abandon the pursuit of balance in leadership. It is nothing more than a silly myth that will put a lid on your influence and a muzzle on your message. You must give primary attention to what only you can do to add value to the life of your church and community. Find your edge and sharpen it. Become your own brand of missional genius.

Look, I understand the push back that comes with leading with a kind of edge that cultivates your strengths and sets aside your weaknesses. This has the potential to become a breeding ground for the larvae of life-sucking parasites we call arrogance and self-reliance. But in the end we believe that entrepreneurial aptitude is rooted in an attitude of humility and courage that was bought with blood on the cross and has been pressed into us indelibly by the Holy Spirit.



Matt Adair is the lead pastor of Christ Community Church in Athens, Georgia, the Director of Operations for the Acts 29 Network, and a graduate of Beeson Divinity School in Birmingham, Alabama.