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Finding Balance is Bogus, But There is Hope

Tyler Jones is Regional Director of the East Coast for Acts 29, and planter of Vintage21 Church in Raleigh, NC. He spoke on balance for the church planter at the Orlando boot camp in February – and we just posted the audio. The following is adapted from the beginning of his talk.

Got balance?

Our culture is permeated with the concept of ‘balance.’ I don’t think I’ve ever experienced this balance. Not in college, not when I got married, and not since I planted eight years ago. Everywhere I turn, people pray for balance, we say balance is what we need, and you’re judged if you don’t have balance.

I went to Scripture and started looking for balance, and what I found was Christ saying “pick up your cross and follow me,” and I’m not really sure that’s balance. Again, when I look at Paul and his constant statements about being shipwrecked, starved and beaten, and the early church’s history of persecution… I don’t see balance.

I think balance is nonsense.

In eight years of church planting and walking with other church planters, I can tell you this: balance doesn't happen. You’re going to suffer as a church planter. Sometimes you’ll suffer in a corner alone. You’ll lose hours of sleep at night, and bear burdens you never imagined you’d bear. What I want for you is that you’d be a lover of Jesus, and to have a healthy gospel-portraying marriage, and I want you to know your kids.

So if balance is nonsense, where do we go?

There is a rhythm you’re aware of, and most of you have probably lived against this rhythm for most of your life…

Curious? Listen to Tyler’s session here.

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