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Don't Plant Alone: Acts 29's Regional Networks

Turners West Region


At our most recent boot camp in San Jose, Acts 29 leaders gathered to pray for Pastor Harvey Turner, director of the West Region. The churches in Harvey's region helped host the boot camp as part of their commitment to saturate their communities with gospel-centered churches. During the boot camp, Acts 29 leaders were able to pray for Harvey and his wife Rachael, that God would protect and bless them as Harvey continues to lead the charge for gospel-centered churches throughout Nevada, Northern California, and Hawaii. 


In Acts 1:8 we read the command of Jesus, telling his disciples to tell the story of the gospel throughout the entire world. In the rest of Acts we read how the Apostles did what Jesus told them they would do: Empowered by the Holy Spirit, they planted churches that planted churches. 


They didn't do it alone, though. The pattern of ministry set by the apostles is clear: Though each was called to bring the gospel to a certain group of people, they worked together to saturate Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and the end of the earth with churches. 


Acts 29 pastors believe the best way to continue the ministry the apostles started is by planting churches that plant churches throughout the world. We believe God calls men (church planters) to plant those churches. We also believe those men shouldn't attempt to plant those churches alone but instead, like the apostles did, plant those churches while networked to other church planters. 


Acts 29 has a number of regional networks spread across North America (see list of leaders here). These networks are made up of like-minded pastors, aligned in basic doctrine and committed to helping one another live lives worthy of the gospel—both through personal sanctification and an outward-faced mission that finds expression in planting church-planting churches. 



Elliot Grudem is the network coordinator for the Acts 29 Network and a pastor at Mars Hill Church. Prior to his work with Acts 29, Elliot served as the senior minister at Christ the King Presbyterian Church, a church he replanted in Raleigh, NC. He has worked for an urban ministry in New Orleans. He worked for a Fortune 100 company prior to seminary. He is the editor of Christian Beliefs, a book he completed with his father Wayne. Elliot holds degrees from Miami Univeristy (BA, History and English) and Reformed Theological Seminary (M.Div.).