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Defeating the Sins that Defeat You

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My friend Yancey has written an accesible book for men of John Owen's treatise of sin. Men either want to deal with sin by tapping into white-knuckle disciplines (because it's manly) or by excusing sin altogether because all men deal with certain sins. Neither attempt to defeat our formidable sins has any success. Yancey (and Owen) will help guide men to stop trying to defeat our sins on our own and start tapping into the gospel's power over sin.

Order multiple copies and give them away.

- Scott Thomas, President, Acts 29 Network

About the Author
Yancey is the Teaching Pastor at Clear Creek Community Church in League City, Texas, a suburb of Houston, where he has served since 1998. He is a husband to Jennefer and father to three sons; Thatcher, Haddon and Beckett. A native Texan, Yancey loves to spend time with his family and friends at his ranch house in the Texas Hill Country. He is also an avid sports fan with a soft spot in his heart for the Houston Astros. Obviously, Yancey is learning much about patience and long-suffering.

He is a graduate of Baylor University (Religion, 1993), Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (Master of Divinity with Biblical Languages, 1996) and currently pursuing a Doctor of Ministry at Covenant Theological Seminary in St. Louis. You can find more of Yancey's thoughts and work at his blog,

About the Book
Some have been defeated by certain sins for so long it seems hopeless.We do our best to fight by reading the Bible, praying, and engaging in other spiritual disciplines yet still find ourselves face down on the mat more than we care to admit.

In TAP, author and teacher Yancey Arrington looks to some of history's best sin-fighters, John Owen and the Puritans, to find out why the "Just Do More" approach to the spiritual disciplines may be the wrong strategy to defeating sin. TAP exposes some of the more popular, but ultimately inept approaches and beliefs about sin, repentance and spiritual growth while coaching how to get "into the cage" with our sins and not only survive...but win!

Discussion questions included with each chapter.


Our battle against sin is to the death – the death not of us but of our sins – because Christ triumphed for us two thousand years ago. In his bold new book Tap, Yancey Arrington helps us connect with the victory of Christ right here, right now, in our lives today.
Lead Pastor, Immanuel Church, Nashville,
author of A Passion for God
Ancient wisdom made practical. That is what Yancey Arrington has done in this book. He shows us the folly of well-meaning but ineffective sin-turning strategies. Tap shows us the way to really repent and prefer Christ over the sin that would seek to destroy us.
Lead Pastor, The Journey, St. Louis,
author of Church Planter: The Man, The Message, The Mission
With wonderful gifts of communication and great biblical insight Yancey Arrington leads us through the realities of our battle against sin and the power of gospel truth. “Belief before behavior” is not simply a slogan, it is the key to victory that Yancey uses to unlock the hope every believer needs (and has) to walk in the strength of God’s grace.
President, Covenant Seminary,
author of Christ-Centered Worship

Yancey Arrington extends the power of hope in the gospel to those whose fight with sin has left them tired, doubtful and defeated.  With Tap in hand, get ready to fight well against sin instead of merely fighting hard.  Get ready to believe again that Jesus made a way for you to defeat the sins that have defeated you.  Get ready for a grateful love to overflow in your newly, liberated life.
Senior Pastor, Clear Creek Community Church, Houston
You won't get to the essence of your bout with sin with a more relevant and readable guide than Yancey Arrington's Tap.  Having served alongside of Yancey in local church ministry, I can attest that this weighty, biblical wisdom is brought you by a true fighter himself.
Founder, Auxano
author of Church Unique
Many of us live in a dull stupor, forgetting that we are in a battle with sin. Yancey Arrington awakens us to the fight. Offering a biblically-guided battle plan, Tap trains us to trust and treasure Jesus above all else—this is the only way to victory in this ultimate fight.
Pastor in NC