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Dave Bruskas speaking at Boot Camp in Seattle

Dave Bruskas is a phenomenal man who has a beautiful family of 4 girls and a personable wife. He is a leader of leaders but possesses the character of humility and grace. Dave started and pastors City on a Hill in Albuquerque, New Mexico and is a catalytic church planter for the region.


Dave is speaking on Preaching the Gospel to all Nations. Dave lives in Albuquerque where multiple people groups live alongside one another. It is our conviction that Jesus did not die for any one ethnic group in exclusion of another. He has called to proclaim the gospel to ALL NATIONS.

Watch the heart of Dave Bruskas in this video as he describes how we get a heart formission by being agitated at the idols of our city. Feel his compassion, his missionary's heart and his love for the city as he encourages his listeners to see the needs around them.


Are you registered for the Seattle Boot Camp March 9-10?




Scott Thomas has served as the President of Acts 29 Network and a Pastor at Mars Hill Church. Scott has been a pastor for 30 years—first as a youth pastor and then as a lead pastor and church planter/church replanter for 16 years.