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Dallas Boot Camp - Final Chance to Sign Up

This is your last chance to sign up for the Church Planting Boot Camp in Dallas. Read over the information and sign up to attend Depth Church Planting Conference at The Village Church (Matt Chandler is the pastor) Wednesday, November 19, 2008, 10:00 AM - Thursday, November 20, 2008, 5:00 PM.

Whether you are interested to explore the exciting journey of planting a church, to discern a call to plant or to hear the great lineup of speakers, we present this Boot Camp for a couple of days to challenge you to go deep into the heart and mission of the gospel.
To go deep means that we look honestly into our hearts and examine the sins that may deter our passion for Jesus Christ. It means that we apply the gospel of redemption by confessing, repenting and reconciling those sins deeply, fully and relentlessly. To go deep also means that we passionately follow the mission of Jesus as He has commissioned us to be sent ones (missionaries) into the cities, neighborhoods and relationships where He has sovereignly placed us (Acts 17:26). 

Church Planters and Pastors have been pressured toward shallowness over the last decade. If we are not careful, we assume that we can chart our way to success by our ingenuity and creativity. Without Spirit-leading, we are influenced greatly by what humans do in missions rather than on what God is doing.  We may see the missional task as setting goals, developing appropriate methodologies, and evaluating what does or does not work rather than seeking God's will based upon biblical and theological reflection.  This pragmatic thinking has segmented the gospel and practice into two compartmentalized worlds, and practice is developed on the basis of “what works” rather than the will and essence of God. 

Undiscerning Christian leaders have placed more emphasis on developing effective strategy than forming communities shaped in the image of God.  Although some may advocate faithfulness to God, the system they propose is based on human intelligence and ingenuity.  Its focus is upon making the church grow instead of the gospel. It is using Scripture as propositional truth, that is, reducing the Bible to a set of cultural notions instead of presenting the Bible as a narrative of God’s redemptive story with His creation.

We pray that through this Boot Camp we will be challenged to go deeper than we have ever gone and that God is glorified in our response.


Jonathan Dodson

on Nov 28, 2008 :: 8:34 pm

Love the turkey header shot!