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Dallas Boot Camp – Day 1 in Photos

Matt Chandler is preaching the last session for the evening right now, and the house is packed. With 575 attendees all day, plus those that joined us for the free evening, it's been a full day at The Village Church's Flower Mound Campus!

Acts 29 staff arrived at the building at 8 a.m. this morning to get set up.

Volunteers and staff from The Village Church assisted with getting registrants checked in directed.

OK, registration was a little ridiculous... in a good way. We had 200 registered a few weeks ago, surging to 500 last week, and then another 70 people showed up today to register in-person. Thank you registration staff!



Some things you just can't capture on the audio for later. Those who have attended boot camps will tell you – it's those conversations and friendships that make the event.

Dr. Sam Storms opened the boot camp with "The Church Planter's Character." Quote: "Character matters, because the glory of God matters. Does your life bring glory or heckle to the name of Jesus?" (via @joshuareich)

Bruce Wesley talked about "The Church Planter's Marriage." Quote: "Good leaders run to tension. Bad leaders avoid it. Husbands, are you running to the tension in your marriage?" (via @jdbridges)

Rick White is now the South Central Regional Director for Acts 29. Rick planted out of The Village Church (Matt Chandler), and has also planted out of his church (Jim Essian, also Acts 29, is the planter of a granddaughter church!). Here Bruce Wesley (Houston), Sam Storms (Tulsa), Jeremy Pace (former Regional Director), Scott Thomas (President) and Elliot Grudem (Network Coordinator) pray over his ministry to church planters in the region.

Boot Camp attendees (many from Texas and Oklahoma) join in prayer for Rick.

Matt Carter talked about "The Calling of a Church Planter." Quote: "The gospel will never be effective THROUGH your life until it's effective IN your life." (via @mattboswell)

For the 2-day boot camp attendees only, there was Q&A over dinner in the Flower Mound Campus' auditorium. Sam Storms, Bruce Wesley, Matt Carter, Matt Chandler and Scott Thomas fielded questions that had been sent in via text message... and it became clear that "accountability" for leadership was a hot topic.

After dinner, Michael Bleecker led worship with Lauren Chandler joining in singing. Wonderful!

Matt Chandler wrapped up the evening with an open session on "The Church Planter's Mission" and yelled a lot! You're going to painfully enjoy the message when we get it up for you. Quote: "Pastors: Are you passionate in the pulpit but quiet in your neighborhood?" (via @jonathan_dodson)

That's it for today. What we missed in photos:

  • Scott Thomas' talk on fighting for one another with Gospel Friendships (quote: "A Christian who fails to unite with a community of believers is vulnerable to all-out demonic siege." via @nick_rynerson)
  • The baby strollers! Lots of wives and babies joined for boot camp, and we love it.
  • hundreds of great conversations
  • our fantastic volunteer photographer

Day one with 575 people is done!

241 boot campers will come back here tomorrow for training – there's round tables set up and there will be Acts 29 church planters at each table leading discussions on major topics like "Marriage" after listening to 7-minute related presentations (ie, "Replicating your home as a leadership development strategy" by Dave Bruskas, or "Pastoring your wife as your first ministry" by Brian Blenden). We're excited for the first "2.0" version of boot camp to happen tomorrow – and we'll be sure to let you know how it goes!

If you want to follow along and get quotes as we go, just check out the #a29 hashtag on Twitter.

Also, @rwren threw notes up on his blog from the speakers' sessions today, in case you're curious. You can check out Sam Storms', Bruce Wesley's, Scott Thomas' and Matt Carter's notes.

Want to come to the next 2.0 boot camp? It will be in Nashville, May 26-27, with Ray Ortlund as our host.