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Crystal's Story of Repentance

Weekly we'll be sharing videos from Acts 29 churches that tell stories of the Gospel transforming the hearts of people, communities, and cities.

Below is Crystal's story of repentance. She describes the way God spoke to her during a worship service after a call to repentance, and tells of the inner battle that ensued. Eventually God's truth won over her heart and mind and for that we praise God!

From the pastor:

"I have personally known Crystal since 2008 sharing the Gospel with her. Crystal's story shows how God is in control and truly pursuing after mankind and why we should never give up on people, because in God's timing He will rescue His people. It's also a great reminder why we should constantly and repeatedly share the Gospel with people over and over, challenging them to respond to the Gospel of Jesus Christ!"


"I can smile easy now, speak easy,
love easier. There's a difference ...
it's nothing but the Lord."


Church: Acts Community Church
Pastor: Billy Bernhard
Location: Pasadena, TX

"Let us always long to hear the stories of grace in others' lives. Every conversion is the story of a blessed defeat." C.S. Lewis


Marty Stone

on Nov 1, 2012 :: 11:15 am

Great testimony! I love hearing this kind of stuff. God is good.