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Carson: Put the Advance of the Gospel at the Center of Your Aspirations

Get an Excerpt from Carson's Basics for Believers.

[Read Book Excerpt | PDF version]

We're excited to get to freely share with you this section from D.A. Carson's Basics for Believers. Here's what Elliot Grudem, Acts 29 Network Coordinator, has to say about this book on Philippians:

"Over four years ago, I was planning to preach through Philippians. A friend recommended I look at Basics for Believers by D. A. Carson. I have a habit when it comes to Dr. Carson's commentaries: When I can, I buy them. Though this wasn't a commentary, my habitual behavior kicked in and I bought it though I wasn't sure how helpful I would find it. 

"Not only did Basics for Believers help me understand Paul and his letter to the church in Philippi, it helped deepen my understanding of the gospel, the Church, and my ministry. Dr. Carson's encouragement to "put the advance of the gospel at the center of your aspirations" has stuck with me ever since a read it. When ministry gets tough, when I get distracted and tempted to spend my time doing something else, when I am feeling beaten down by the critics, I remember Dr. Carson wrote about Paul—in prison! giving his life for the advance of the gospel. 

"There is no greater, more central aspiration for Christ's followers than the advance of the gospel. I'm thankful for the way the Lord used Dr. Carson's  Basics for Believers to help me remember that, and grateful to Baker Academic for giving us permission to share a section of Dr. Carson's book with you.

"'Put the advance of the gospel at the center of your aspirations.'"

[Read Book Excerpt | PDF version]

Dr. Carson is Coming to San Jose on June 3-4

We are hosting the first Acts 29 Boot Camp in the San Francisco Bay area in just a month, with two great partners: The Gospel Coalition and The NorCal Network. Carson will be speaking, along with Mark Driscoll, Matt Chandler, Scott Thomas, and Jeff Vanderstelt.

Come join us!