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Breaking News: Christian Pakistani Minority Attacked; 9 Dead, Hundreds Homeless

Smoke Rises from Rubble in Gojra Burning Aftermath

(Above) Smoke rises from the still-burning rubble of Gojra, after inhabitants fled the Muslim attack on Saturday. Our Pakistani Acts 29 pastor walked through to assess the damages to the church and Christians of Gojra (below).

"Dear Brethren in Christ,

The black smoke was still rising from 60 destroyed homes of village Korian which were flattened by fire. An other tragic incident happened on August 1, 2009. It was an other day of mourning for Christians when Muslim mob attacked at Christian Town and gunned down 9 Christian women, children and men and burnt down whole Christian colony of Gojra . . ."


Yesterday, an Acts 29 International pastor in Pakistan wrote us in urgency and distress as he reported to us about the terrorist attack on a Christian city in northern Pakistan. His relatives from the township called him in tears: "they have burnt whole colony and they have no shelter to stay in Gojra now!” Those who survived the merciless attack are now homeless and many are hiding and mourning in nearby villages after a Muslim attack. 


In the midst of their sorrows, the Christian victims' responses to the press are a light: "We are trying to face this in the name of Jesus Christ. The Bible says you cannot take revenge" (from the Washington Post's article). Another devastated man told the Post, "they have subjected us to severe cruelties. May God show them the right path."

Hundreds of homes are completely destroyed leaving hundreds more Pakistani Christians without shelter.

Elliot Grudem, Acts 29 pastor, is in communication with our pastor in Pakistan, and they are spearheading relief to the hundreds of Christians who are mourning and without shelter. Please read more about this tragedy and help if you can. There is more information (as well as photos) posted at The Resurgence, as well.


Finally, the Pakistani church-planter asked us to pray:

"Keep our all brothers and sisters in your regular prayers who are facing great trial of their faith and also lost their relatives in Muslims Mob attack. Kindly pray for our brothers and sisters who are outside of their homes and need shelter and food. Temperature is more then 40 degree centigrade. They need food, medicines, utensils and beds on urgent basis."


Please join us in prayer for our suffering brothers and sisters in Pakistan.