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Boot Camps: Springtime in the Rockies and Raleigh

This spring we are hosting two church-planting boot camps - one in Raleigh, North Carolina, and one in Denver, Colorado. We hope you will consider joining us for one - boot camps are open to anyone, and required for those who wish to become a member of Acts 29. They are always well-attended by Acts 29 members at all stages of church planting - so you can network with church planters and ask real questions of real people.

What are other reasons you might want to attend a boot camp rather than listen to teachings online later? Try any of these reasons from Scott Thomas.

Below are quick snapshots of what to expect from the Raleigh and Denver boot camps coming up:

Raleigh Boot Camp - April 26-28, 2010!

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See full schedule and register for the Raleigh, NC Boot Camp 

This "hybrid" boot camp combines the Advance The Church conference with a day of Acts 29-specific teaching on church planting. Tyler Jones, Ed Stetzer, Matt Carter, Scott Thomas, Jason Roberts and many other local, SE church planters will be speakers. Expect to hear a lot about revival and renewal in a nominally Christian culture that knows nothing of the power of the gospel.


Advance 2010 - What is the state of the church today? register for the Raleigh, NC Boot Camp


Denver Boot Camp - May 26-27 2010

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See schedule and register for Denver Boot Camp

Denver Boot Camp is going to be packed with Acts 29 planters from the Rockies, Texas and the Southwest. If you are in any of these regions and considering planting a church, we strongly recommend you attend.

Speakers will include Jeff Vanderstelt, Russ McKendry, Sam Storms, Scott Thomas, Dave Bahnsen and Jeffrey Ventrella, plus several other church planters and pastors.

Additionally, this is a boot camp to consider bringing other elders and leaders to if you are a church planter, as Mars Hill Church Albuquerque will be hosting coaching intensives for Community Groups and counseling, administration & executive leadership, worship and liturgy, as well as leadership development. 

We hope you will join us and begin new friendships, learn much through men who love Jesus and His Word, and be strengthened for your own calling.