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Boot Camp Audio from Raleigh Available

The audio from the boot camp recently held in Raleigh is available here.



Hear these messages:

Mark Driscoll - Spirit-filled Life of Jesus and Acts 29 Movement (must hear)

Wayne Grudem - Gospel Centered Reformed Theology

Danny Akin - Preaching the Gospel

Andreas Kostenberger - The Effects of Planting on Family & Self

Scott Thomas - Ten Qualifications of a Church Planter (Biblical mandate on the man)

Daniel Montgomery - Our Mission

Ed Marcelle - Mission Rises Out of Discipleship

Tyler Jones - Mission Rises Out of Community


The last boot camp of this season is in beautiful San Diego. Information here.


In San Diego, all new materials will be presented by Mark Driscoll, Matt Chandler, Darrin Patrick, Jeff Vanderstelt, Brian Howard and host David Fairchild speaking on the topic, Influence: Multiplying Leaders on Mission for the Gospel through the context of Nehemiah's life.


Register here.