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Biblical Authority

Blog: Biblical Authority

One major aspect of Spiritual Vitality in a church planter is his deep commitment to Biblical authority.

Scott Thomas interviewed Dr. Sam Storms while he was in Seattle last week about what it looks like for a pastor to be under Biblical authority. Dr. Storms is pastor of Bridgeway Church in Oklahoma and recently published Convergence: Spiritual Journeys of a Charismatic Calvinist. (See also Dr. Storms’ interview on the Spirit-led Pastor).

In this video:

Functional Deists and Biblical Sterility

“There are people who say, “of course I believe in the existence of God,” but they are functional Deists. They don’t see God as being meaningfully active in their lives, and they don’t actually expect Him to answer prayer or to provide guidance in decision-making. We often approach the Bible in the same way.”

Coldness & Mental Arrogance

“We can become so committed to communicating the authority of Scripture that we forget we are dealing with human beings – people who are broken, weak and ignorant...”

“We can, in our commitment to the authority of Scripture, live out of the strength of our mind to such a degree that we forget that the Spirit of God is dwelling in us.”

Diving Board Preaching

“There are many preachers who practice what I call Diving Board Preaching. They open the Bible, they read a text, and then they dive off into the pool of their own thoughts.”

Why have Pastors Abandoned the Authority of Scripture in the Pulpit?

  1. They don’t know how to study the Bible.
  2. They are consumed by administration.
  3. Some have lost confidence in the power of preaching.

How Should a Pastor Learn to Handle Scripture?

  1. Stay close to God, with an open heart before the Scripture.
  2. Read the right books.
  3. Listen to and study good preachers.