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Be Serious about Evangelism & Conversions

“I need to tell you about Jesus, when do you want to do that?” I was late into my sixteenth year of life when Jeff asked me that question. He was fearless on the football field and in his faith and we were standing in the locker room after practice. It took me by surprise and yet there was something irresistible about the question to me. I had no idea what the effectual call of God was but I was caught up in it like a moth in a hurricane and couldn’t have escaped if I had wanted to. A little over a year later on June 17th the Holy Spirit poured warm water on my frozen soul and I came to life.

I still haven’t recovered from that moment. I live in an almost constant amazement that He saved me. To top off that mercy, I have seen Him do the same thing to hundreds of others. Watching the dead come to life and in several of these births being used by God as a tool to awaken a soul has created an insatiable desire to see more and more people come to know Jesus. My fourth hope for the Acts 29 network is that we would be serious about evangelism and praying for conversions.

I don’t just mean preaching sermons that are evangelistic, I hope for much, much more than that. My hope is that:

  • Our pastors would model personal evangelism by sharing the gospel as boldly in their neighborhood as they do in their pulpit.
  • That we would long and yearn for salvations and would walk in a godly frustration when we don’t see them.
  • That we would believe in the sufficiency of the scriptures and in the power of the Spirit to open the eyes of the most hardened of people in our cities.
  • That we would train the men and women in our churches to see their neighbors, co-workers, and friends as an opportunity to love supremely by praying for and sharing the best news in the universe with them.
  • That we would love the work of God in salvation so much that it would lead us to the ends of the earth heralding the Gospel until all that will know, know..

In all of this I hope that we will keep our scriptural understanding of what salvation is, where it comes from and how it happens. In just a cursory reading of Christian history you’ll find that God-belittling, atonement-denying, concession-making, castrated Christianity has almost always come through the doorway of “evangelism.” May the Spirit protect and guide us and may He draw many to Jesus in our churches and in all churches!


This hope is grounded in the biblical conviction that God chose us in Christ before the foundation of the world, not on the basis of foreseen faith but unconditionally, according to his sovereign good pleasure and will. And that God’s sovereignty in this salvation neither diminishes the responsibility of people to believe in Christ nor marginalizes the necessity and power of prayer and evangelism, but rather reinforces and establishes them as the ordained means by which God accomplishes his ordained ends. This conviction is laid out in the 2nd of our five Doctrinal Distinctives.


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on Jan 24, 2014 :: 10:21 am

Appreciate this so much bro. God grant us the hearts for this nationwide.


on Jan 24, 2014 :: 10:31 am

Personal evangelism is stirring in me, spoke to my neighbor, kids soccer coach, another soccer dad, Tim Horton's lady- all this week.

Michael Breznau

on Jan 24, 2014 :: 11:20 am

Thanks, Matt. I needed this passionate reminder today!


on Jan 28, 2014 :: 11:59 pm

I like so much about ur ministry


Matt serves as Lead Pastor of Teaching at The Village Church in the Dallas Fort Worth area. He has served in that role since December 2002 and describes his tenure at The Village as a re-planting effort where he was involved in changing the theological and philosophical culture of the congregation. The church has witnessed a tremendous response growing from 160 people to over 11,000 with campuses in Flower Mound, Dallas and Denton.

Alongside his current role as lead pastor, Matt is involved in church planting efforts both locally and internationally through The Village and various strategic partnerships. Prior to accepting the pastorate at The Village, Matt had a vibrant itinerant ministry for over 10 years where he spoke to thousands of people in America and abroad about the glory of God and beauty of Jesus. His greatest joy outside of Jesus is being married to Lauren and being a dad to their three children, Audrey, Reid and Norah.

Recently, Matt was named president of Acts 29, a worldwide church-planting organization. Over the last 10 years, Acts 29 has emerged from a small band of brothers to over 400 churches in the United States and networks of churches in multiple countries.

Matt speaks at conferences throughout the world and has written a book, The Explicit Gospel, published in April 2012, his second book Creature of the Word, will be released in October 2012.