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Baptisms, Alaska Style at 10 Degrees and Snowing!

And [he] said, "See, here is water! What prevents me from being baptized?" - Acts 8:36

In Caleb Richardson's case, he had plenty of frozen water in Fairbanks, Alaska, and with baptisms not being permitted inside his church's rented space, he and his people had to get creative.

What could've been a frustrating situation became a beautiful and memorable occasion for Radiant Church of Fairbanks, Alaska, as they dunked believers in 10 degrees outside as the snow came down.

We hope you are as encouraged by these photos as we have been! Jesus is building his church! Baptisms are a beautiful picture of what we are truly all about as a church planting network: celebrating lives transformed and making disciples of Jesus.


Michael Adams

on Dec 7, 2010 :: 11:10 pm

This is awesome! Praise God!

David Rupert

on Dec 8, 2010 :: 10:28 am

Now that is just "cool" ...