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Attention Worship Pastors and Pastoral Assistants

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We are excited to announce a few specialized informal gatherings happening in the midst of Seattle’s Boot Camp this month! Are you a worship pastor or a pastoral assistant attending the boot camp? We have some networking opportunities for you while you are here. Come meet other worship leaders or pastoral assistants to share and learn from one another. 

Worship Pastor Cohort

Often the first hire a church planter makes is the worship pastor. What does the worship pastor do? How does a worship pastor truly come alongside the church planter and lead the church in worship? Pastor Tim Smith will be hosting an informal gathering of worship pastors and would love for you to join him in discussing topics including:

  • What is worship?
  • Why do we sing?
  • Development of new bands

Attending boot camp and interested? Get more details and sign up here.

Also – see these interviews from Acts 29 worship pastors:

Pastoral Assistant Meet Up

What is a pastoral assistant supposed to do? What qualities are necessary in an assistant who works for a pastor at a church? How can email be handled well? How can an assistant help protect their pastor’s time?

Nate Burke (executive assistant to Pastor Mark Driscoll) will host a gathering of pastoral assistants during the boot camp to discuss the unique and critical role of supporting a pastor.

Several Mars Hill Church pastoral assistants will be attending and available to field questions, share insights and experiences, and help support other pastoral assistants in their crucial role. Discussion topics may include:

  • Biblical servanthood
  • Philosophy of pastoral assistance
  • Systems: calendar, email, travel, etc
  • Practical ethics: privacy, female assistants, etc.

If you are a pastoral assistant and will be at boot camp, you’re invited to attend. Get details and sign up here