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A Qualified Man

by Bruce Wesley

I met with a pastor of a large and influential church with the hopes of engaging him in a church planting movement for the sake of the city. Over lunch, his observation about church planters surprised me. “I find that most church planters are characterized by two things: arrogance and impatience.” He quickly added, “And I guess I should not be surprised at that. Who else can believe that he can gather disinterested people, lead them to a new life in Christ and help them embrace a mission to change the world with little or no physical resources?” 

I think the second comment was his way of trying to diffuse some of the tension he felt about his own statement. After all, I am a church planter—you know, arrogant and impatient. But he was right about church planters, and that is not good. Arrogance and impatience are clear and obvious disqualifiers for men who seek to plant churches.

Movements require qualified men. It does not matter how many churches we plant if the pastors are not qualified and the churches are not healthy. Furthermore, since church planting has become “sexy,” greater clarity is needed about the qualifications for pastors and church planters. 


"Movements require qualified men.
It does not matter how many churches we plant
if the pastors are not qualified and
the churches are not healthy."


At the Acts 29 Boot Camp in Houston, I will address, “A Qualified Man.” I will tell four stories of church planters I have known or coached whose church plants failed. I believe these particular failures happened because the church planters were not qualified from the start. 

I hope these stories do two things: (1) help you discern whether you are, “A Qualified Man,” (2) inspire you to engage in a community devoted to becoming qualified men by God’s grace.

Join us. Who knows, God may choose to move in and through us to create a movement for the sake of the gospel like the world has never seen.


Join Bruce Wesley, Matt Chandler, Leonce Crump, Sam Storms, and Doug Logan at the Houston Boot Camp, May 22-23, 2013. Houston_BC_2013


Chris (CJ) Jacobsen

on May 17, 2013 :: 3:19 pm

Man... I can't believe I'm going to miss this talk...

daryl king

on May 22, 2013 :: 9:58 pm

Awesome post pastor thank u!!


Bruce is the founding and Senior Pastor of Clear Creek Community Church. Bruce and Susan married in 1983.  After serving two churches in the Houston area, he and Susan moved to League City in 1993 to start CCCC with nine area families. The Wesleys have three adult daughters. Sarahbeth is married to Tim Dikun, they live in Orlando, FL. Rebekah and her husband Pablo Madrid live in Houston. Micah, their youngest daughter, lives in Houston as well. Bruce holds a BA in Practical Theology from Howard Payne University (1983), a Masters of Divinity from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and a Doctor of Ministry from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. He is the founder of the Houston Church Planting Network and a Board Member of Acts 29, a network of more than 500 churches who cooperate as a global catalyst for church planting.  Bruce is a group Navigator.  He loves the mountains, where he enjoys fly fishing and hiking trails.