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A Healthy Marriage & Kids on Mission: Interview with Dave Bruskas

"I think most marriages have a tendency to accept sin in either spouse. One spouse becomes dominant, and the other passive. They go through life trying to manage sin rather than allowing God to change them from the inside out, through the finished work of Christ and the abiding Holy Spirit."

Recently Dave Bruskas, Pastor of the Albuquerque Campus of Mars Hill Church (formerly City on a Hill Church), answered some questions for Scott Thomas about his marriage and raising four daughters as a pastor.

Dave and his wife Kara have four daughters, ages 11 to 19, and it is clear to everyone who meets this family how much joy they have in serving the Lord together.

In this video, Scott asks Dave:

  • How would you describe a healthy marriage?
  • How does Kara help you not to hide sin, but confront and apply the gospel to it?
  • What does it look like for you to serve one another as a couple?
  • How did you nurture the joy that is evident in your daughters in serving on mission?


Jim Drake

on Apr 13, 2010 :: 3:39 pm

I've known Dave and Kara since college. Their love for each other began years before their marriage and I saw it lived out in their relationship in college. What a joy to see the fruit of all of these years of loving Jesus and his church. Great job Dave and Kara!