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32 Children Have Come Through Our Home -- Carlos' Story

Meet Carlos Montoya in Santa Fe.

Carlos and his wife Yvette planted Blaze Christian Fellowship in Santa Fe, New Mexico. When the highschool sweethearts got married, they settled on a plan: two kids. However, their two kids changed their minds about kids, and the Montoyas wanted more.

So it was painful and heart-breaking to be told they could have no more children. After praying about the possibility of adoption, they were led to pursue foster care. Their lives were changed forever:

"On March 20, 1996, we welcomed Jaden and Taliah into our home. This was one of those moments you never forget because they came straight from living in a tent on the mountains, with a little bag that had one shoe, a dirty little blanket, and a glove. So we went to the store and bought some clothes, and... there we discovered cigarette burns down their backs. And my heart just broke.

On top of planting a church, we've had the opportunity for our kids to really be used as instruments of God in our fellowship. God's given us a heritage that we've imparted to our church. What's been so remarkable through this is that God's grown me in ways that I don't think I would've ever grown without children... I don't think we realize how great an opportunity we have for God to use us with our children."

Carlos shared the story of his family's journey into the blessing of children and foster care at last month's Dallas Boot Camp 2.0 as part of the second day's stories.

Download or listen to the full ten minutes here:

After he finished his story, Carlos posed questions for the audience to discuss at their tables:

  • How are you showing others your children as a heritage? A reward?
  • How are you living out blessedness as a father or a mother?
  • Do you do the "works" of showing heritage, reward and blessedness without it being from your heart? Is it just a 'check the box' duty?

There will be many more stories from real church planters shared at the Nashville Boot Camp 2.0 next month (May 26-27), and we'd love for you to join us at Ray Ortlund Jr.'s church -- but hurry! There are less than two dozen spaces left for the full boot camp.

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