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“If they’re not against us” – Tyler Jones on Working with Others

Tyler Jones is preaching pastor at Vintage21 Church in Raleigh, North Carolina. He spoke with Scott Thomas during the Advance the Church Conference & Acts 29 Boot Camp last week about Theological Clarity, and here he discusses working with people who have different theological views.

Summary of video:

Vintage21 Church has defined three types of relationships to help their church navigate how they partner and interact with other churches and ministries:

1. Family

Have the same “DNA” - agree theologically on the authority of Scripture, Jesus’ life, death, resurrection and what that accomplished, etc.

Can plant churches together

Highest level of sharing resources and interaction

2. Friends

Christians who clearly love Jesus.

Have differing views on things like church polity, etc., which affect how closely they can work together.

Some activities and resource sharing is possible.

3. Partners

Ministries that may not be Christians at all.

Often social justice groups.

Provides an opportunity for evangelism to happen with those who they are serving alongside as well as those they are serving directly.