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October 29, 2014

How to Develop a Leadership Pipeline in Your Church [Free Download]

by John Fooshee, Lead Pastor of Redeemer Community Church in Johnson City, TN.

What Kind of Leader Are You? 

I was trained to let women lead.  Even if women weren’t natural leaders and didn’t want the reigns, I would give them over nonetheless.  My way of relating frustrated many women.  

The root of my cultural training stemmed from the correct belief that it was wrong for a man to dominate a woman.  My mistake was that I assumed that the opposite must be true as well: a boy loves a girl by letting her have her way.  

My passive approach to women became especially evident when I met my wife.  I remember one particular time in college when she got tired of being the leader.  While walking to our college chapel she thought, “I’m not going to pick the pew where we sit.  This time, I’m going to let him lead.”  Unbeknownst of her quiet resolve, I joined her at the back of the chapel and we began to walk down the aisle together.  Like every other time, I fully expected her to make the decision.  We passed every pew until we reached the front of the room.  I looked at her puzzled and wondered why she wasn’t doing her job.  Together we turned around and began to walk back up the aisle.  Before I knew it, we were at the back of the chapel again!  My wife and I laugh over this today.  But at the time it was a very serious indictment.

Free Study on a Developing Men

The biggest challenge you will probably face in developing godly men is men that were like me: passive. They are directionless and quickly abdicate responsibility and shy away from any call of leadership.  Even after they become Christians, men still submit to cultural philosophies and are blind as to what a truly Christ like man “looks like.”  

One practical idea we want to make available to you for free is this study called, “What Kind of Man Are You?” It gives a vision for what a Christlike man looks like and helps him develop a practical game plan to implement in his life. 

The basis for this masculine picture is Paul’s description of an elder described in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1.  While there are many studies on these scriptures, most of these isolate Paul’s words from the Bible’s larger Gospel context.  As a result, much of this teaching ends up becoming moralistic and ultimately leaves a man unequipped and feeling proud or remaining in passivity.  As a result, this study is unique in that it gives a man a picture of Christ like masculinity while showing him how the Gospel empowers him to grow into Christ’s call upon his character.

Acts 29 Conference | North America

At the Acts 29 Conference | North America, I’ll be giving planters and pastors in churches of 50-100 practical ideas like this so that you can develop a leadership pipeline toward elders.  We’ll try to answer specific questions on how to equip men so that they reflect Christ to your church.  We’ll also seek to answer:

What kind of leader are you?

How do you become a leader that other men will follow?

How can you develop men in your church into competent elder candidates?

I thank God that Jesus has taken me a long way from my college days. Of course, I have a long way to go! But, by His grace, I now have a God-given passion to develop men into Christlike leaders that God will use to transform our culture.  If you share this desire, or want to have it, let’s talk about it in Dallas. 


John will be leading the 50-100 track on developing a leadership pipeline toward elders at the Acts 29 Conference | North America in Dallas on Nov 6-8. Click below for more information:

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